January 2016


 Appointed by the grand knight

Responsible for providing suitable educational and entertaining programs under the “Good of the Order” section of council meetings

 “As you run the race of this present life may he make you firm in faith, joyful in hope and active in charity.”

 This is the great challenge of following Christ in a secular world

I intend to try to talk about a series of challenges that we face as Catholics in today’s secular world over the coming months. I thought about a syllabus for the next year, but I thought that might not be very entertaining.  That entertaining thing is a challenge, but I though as we go forward maybe an interactive lecture might by ok. With one or two exceptions I only have through the good graces of the Grand Knight about 5 minutes. For me it is hard to be profound in 5 minutes.    


Jesus urged us to give up all material possessions, family and friends to follow him.  So we grew those in the Consecrated Life who eschewed the secular life for a total commitment to Jesus.  The Apostles.  But, what of the rest of us who choose or are chosen to to participate as followers of Jesus in the secular world.  So how do we run the race in our competitive world influenced by pop culture, sexism, materialism, accumulation of money, security and attacks on our Catholic values?  The dilemma, what drives us and how do we accommodate our secular competition to the call for following Jesus?

Well we are supposed to have some fun and be entertained as a result of my lectures so I am going to take an approach of trying to answer the questions that arise out of the above theme by first asking ourselves; who are we, what do we know about ourselves, how do we approach problems, people, values and all that stuff.  I’d like you all to take a Meyers Briggs Personality Type Indicator as a means of starting the discussions with a better understanding about how we think and act as we run that race.  It should be fun.  It usually is.  How many have participated in your jobs or organization a Meyers Briggs personality indicator exercise.  OK some have.  I first participated in a Program at the Command and General Staff College as preparation for assuming Command of an Army Battalion quite a while ago. 

It will all be home work.  I am going to give you a web site to go to to take the test.  It will be analyzed on the same web site.  It will take less than 30 minutes to complete.  I will not be here next month as I will be in Hawaii.  Poor me.  So you will have two months to get it done.  Have your spouse participate and look for areas of compatibility.  Read what you type classification means and we will talk about the results at the meeting in March.  It should be entertaining.  Web site:  Http://www.humanmetrics.com. Take the test, get results and interpret them, and think about how your personality helps or hinders your commitment to following Jesus.  Does it matter????  QUESTION TO PONDER:

Does personality drive how we run the race and how we answer the call for being firm in faith, joyful in hope and active in charity.”

Does being a Knight help?


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